A Definitive Guide to Travel SEO

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on February 4, 2022

A Definitive Guide to Travel SEO

Technology has brought great changes in many industries today. One of the most affected is the travel industry. Although some have suffered negatively, a thousand others are very happy with the changes. Today, meeting someone headed to a stationery travel agency to book a trip is almost unheard of. Everything has become digital including hotel and flight bookings.

Although this is easy for clients, coming up with the right travel SEO to market your site is a hard nut to crack. The more people are getting used to online bookings, the more webmasters are interested in setting up sites with travel SEO. This leads to an increased competition in the online travel market and hence, the more pressure of being unique.

This calls for different tips of making you site stand out among the other competitors which include:

1.    Increase Page Loading Speed

You can have such a great work done on your site, but with poor page loading speed, you lose all the traffic. For any site to be termed a success, the page load should be done within a few seconds. Google recommends the loading page to be not more than 3 seconds. Once you come up with a good travel SEO, seek to increase the loading page of your site.

You can lose more than 40% traffic to your site just by having a slow site. All you need to have this done is by having proper maintenance of your site.

2.    Get the Right Keywords

The secret of having a successful site is by coming up with relevant tourism-related keywords. travel SEO talks much about tourism and your main target audience are tourists. Use the right keyword research tools to come up with keywords that can be monetized. It is also important to ensure your site isn’t susceptible to being penalized by Google.


Setting up a travel SEO is easy if you follow the tips above. Look for keywords that agree with your intention of setting up the site. Look for matching keywords and give the most relevant pointers.