Booking An Escort – Remain Discreet

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on December 22, 2020

Booking An Escort – Remain Discreet

The escort industry has been popular for many years and the main reason for that is because of the discretion it offers.  Businessmen coming into town wishing to meet a beautiful lady for an evening rendezvous can do so without feeling their identities are in jeopardy.  A good London escort agency will make sure your encounter with a companion remains discreet, but there are a few things you can do yourself to make sure things stay that way.

If you decide to contact the escort agency by text or phone, it’s best you don’t use your personal phone.  You don’t want anything being traced back to you because you decided to have a pleasant encounter with a companion so there are many safe and discreet ways you can contact an agency without them having your real number.  Purchasing a prepaid phone is one way to remain safe.  You can get a simple throwaway phone at a Walmart, Target, or even a gas station.  Many prepaid phones cost as little as $15 and offer a great way for your encounters to remain discreet.  If you don’t want to purchase a prepaid phone, you can also download an app that acts as a second phone line.  Apps such as Sideline, Textfree, and TextNow offer users a way to have another phone number that isn’t connected to their real-life information.  Many of these apps are free so they turn out being cheaper than purchasing a prepaid phone.  You can text and even make calls from the app so you can remain in contact with the London escort agency and the companion you choose.

While many like to text or call to book escorts, some rather remain more discreet and email to book dates. If you choose this route, it’s important you choose an email provider that offers encryption as an added security measure. Protonmail is a great option as many gentlemen and escort agencies use them as a way to book dates and keep in contact with clients. They have a free option which is perfect for your needs.  When creating an email address make sure you create something that can’t be linked to your real name.  Many gentlemen find it best to create an email that is generic and easy to remember while others sometimes get a bit creative with their names.  It’s not uncommon for some to purchase a prepaid device and put their email on it so they can remain untraceable.  This is a good idea if someone else in your household has access to your devices.  You could keep your prepaid phone or tablet in a safe area that only you have access to, so you don’t have to worry about anyone reading your emails.

Cash is king and this goes for the escort industry as well.  It’s always best to give a cash donation to your companion.  Not only do they prefer it, but it helps you remain discreet.  Nowadays many London agencies and companions accept credit card payments and payments from apps such as cashapp and Venmo.  It’s best not to even sign up for these services as your real-life bank card is linked to your account.  While the money apps usually are safe and protect their users’ information, it’s best to just use cash as it cannot be traced to any of your activities.

Last but not least, never show up unannounced at the London escorts incall.  Not only is this unprofessional, but it can put a lot on the line for both you and the escort. While you might have enjoyed your time with the companion and can’t wait to see her again, never show up at her location of business without booking an appointment.  The escort will feel extremely uncomfortable and most likely blacklist you making it nearly impossible for you to see another companion.  This industry is all about remaining discreet so never put yourself in a position where you put your safety in jeopardy.