On the Hunt for New Escorts

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On the Hunt for New Escorts

Bringing Elizabeth Twill from her escorts agency to a party hosted by the Prime Minster was the best and worst decision Sabrina Delquant had ever made. Sending her off on her own to get them drinks had been the second best and worst decision. Conversation and attention to detail were Sabrina’s strong suits, but she found herself distracted each time she glanced across the sweeping ballroom to check on her secretary-turned-assistant. Something about the way the redhead moved about and conversed so freely with those around her caught and held Sabrina’s attention; it was rare she came across someone on the same level as herself.

“Miss Delquant?” Sabrina’s head turned a bit to look back at the woman seated next to her. She was beautiful: hair black as Sabrina’s own, with sharp brown eyes and light brown skin to go with them. She appeared delicate, but Sabrina knew by now that Anna Winters was anything but. She also knew how possessive of attention the other woman was, and the desire to play a game with agency escorts while using that to her advantage was strong.

“Continue, Anna,” Sabrina said sweetly, laying the hand that didn’t grip the stem of her empty wine glass along Anna’s wrist gently. She smiled when brown eyes lowered to the point of contact, taking a step closer to her. Anna was easy to subdue, even if she didn’t like to think she was. One of Sabrina’s many gifts, it seemed. But as Anna began speaking once again, Sabrina’s eyes slipped sideways again, and she watched as Elizabeth balanced three wine glasses in both hands and tried to weave through a few people in her way.

It was difficult not to watch. Adult Chat had a presence she wasn’t even aware of, and it drove Sabrina mad that the woman hadn’t used it to her advantage. She was in her own age range, entering her late twenties, a perfect specimen for a London agency on hunt for new escorts and it was clear that she treated herself. She was beautiful. And every damn head belonging to a male within a forty-foot radius was turned to look at her, appreciating her form in that deep red dress that plunged to the floor and hugged her curves perfectly.

She would make a perfect escort.

Sabrina could see it in the way Elizabeth paused to smile at a man that offered his help, handed one of the glasses to him and giggled softly at something he said to her. The way her hips swayed just a bit more as she lead him towards Sabrina and Anna. Despite Anna’s second attempt at recapturing her attention, Sabrina simply gazed at Elizabeth, taking the wine glass from her when it was offered and giving her a slow once over.

Or perhaps I need to make her a client.

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